Amourate 3-in-1 Compressed Air Duster & Vacuum – LED Light


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1. Powerful 3-in-1 Compressed Air Duster & Vacuum: Our electric duster provides high-pressure air at a maximum of 120,000rpm. Unlike regular compressed air cans or electric air dusters, it combines blowing, vacuuming, and pumping functionalities. With 6 nozzles and 3 brushes, it easily removes or vacuum dirt and debris with adjustable hyper-strong power. Additionally, it is also able to inflate items like swimming rings and air mattresses.

2. Rotating Head Design with 3-Speed Wind and LED Lights: The air duster features three wind speeds for efficient dust removal on different electronic equipment. The LED lights help illuminate dark corners, enhancing your cleaning experience. The unique rotating head simplifies cleaning tasks by providing enhanced maneuverability and reaching difficult angles.

3. Rechargeable Battery with USB Charging: Our duster includes a convenient USB-C charging cable, offering an eco-friendly and energy-saving alternative to traditional compressed air cans. To ensure optimal battery performance, it is advisable to allow a ten-minute cooling period before charging immediately after use.

4. Compact Size and Easy to Carry: Our portable air duster and vacuum are designed for comfortable grip and easy handling. The fine steel filter can be easily cleaned with water, ensuring long-lasting use. Make sure the filter is completely dry before reinstallation to prevent clogging.

5. After-Sales Service: We offer a 1-year warranty and excellent customer support. Contact us if you encounter any issues, and we will respond within 24 hours to provide a satisfying solution.

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